Locations & Info

Our Booklet with a detailed timetable and our venues' addresses will be available printed at the check-in. But if you prefer to keep it with you on your smartphone, you can also download it here (~2 MB).

In addition to providing individual Google Maps links of each venue in the following paragraphs you may also open an overview map with all of our venues in it.

Haus 037

Thursday 9pm (tour around the neighbourhood at 7pm)

Alfred-Döblin-Platz 1, 79100 Freiburg

More than just a number, House 37 is a cosy two-room location in the heart of the neighbourhood of Vauban. This area has a host of green energy concepts and alternative housing projects to offer, so be sure to take a wander around. You can bring your own food if you like, or grab a bite to eat until 10.30pm in the restaurant below. The rooms can become hot, so make sure to bring an extra shirt or two.

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Bike and wine tasting tour

Friday 2pm

Friday will see you get on a bike and become an expert in local wines. We invite you to tackle the saddle, test your pedals and fake your wine knowledge on the rolling hills of Freiburg's vineyards. In the village of Wolfenweiler you will leave your bike and dance in the wine cellars of a local vintner (and, if you never heard that word before, then come and join us, because we've never heard it before either and really want to know what it is...)

We offer different meeting points to start the tour. Just choose the most convenient for you, bring yourself and your bike at 2 pm and meet your local guide who will take care of everything else:

The destination (Wolfenweiler vineyard)

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How to get a bike

The easiest way of getting around in Freiburg is by bike. So even if you don't participate in the bike and wine tasting tour, you might want to get a bike. And here is how it works :

  1. Since every "real" Freiburgian has at least three bikes, you could ask your host.
  2. In case you're not staying at somebody's home or that somebody isn't a "real" Freiburgian, you could rent a bike here: www.freiburgbikes.de - just tell them the magic words "Lindy Cake" and you'll get a 10 % discount on all prices for the whole week end. See a photo of the store (and meeting point for the tour) at the right.

StuSie Bar

Friday 9.30pm

Saturday 9.30pm

Sundgauallee 36, 79110 Freiburg

Our Friday and Saturday location, a few metres from a tram stop, over-looking a lake, cuddled into the corner of a park and only ten bike minutes from the city centre, welcome to the StuSie Bar! We've spacious rooms to hang out in, a flea market on the Friday, a veranda with a view worth dancing until dawn for, and decorations that will make you think you've landed in the finest bakery. The StuSie Bar is an emergency solution for us after our main location quit on us, the floor isn't parquet, but we think it will keep you happy until the small hours!

The bands: The Shirt Tail Stompers and Pepper Avenue

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The cakes

Saturday 12 noon

Local kitchens throughout the city

Almost everyone has a tasty cake recipe up their sleeve, be it wobbly cheese cakes or savoury rhubarb crumble. Some are artistic, some are chaotic, some a sheer explosion of tastes and shapes, whatever you feel like, however experimental you are, we encourage you to come and make it with us. Whatever you have to offer will be served to you tonight at the concert. The baking will happen in various local kitchens, so you get an insiders take on just how the Freiburger's make their fingers creamy. Sign up in advance so that we can organise the kitchens.

Please consult our Baking FAQs for further details!

City Golf: The first ever ILHPMGC

Saturday 3pm

Meeting point: Townhall square (Rathausplatz, 79098 Freiburg)

All those letters. What on earth do they mean? Well, as any fan will know, the ILHPMGC stand for the first ever International Lindy Hop Parcour Mini Golf Championships. Okay, so this wild tour of the city has less to do with actual golf than it has to organised foolishness, but it's guaranteed to take you into the city of Freiburg to test your ball skills. Steel yourself with a pair of extra shoes, and fiery passion for success – yes, indeed, the ILHPMGC is an abbreviation not to be messed with!

This tour will end with a beautiful dance overlooking the city, so bring some shoes that allow you to dance on gravel.

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Theatrical Lindy Taster

Friday 8.30pm

StuSie Bar

Sundgauallee 36, 79110 Freiburg

We at the Lindy Cake know you can dance - you're here in Freiburg with us after all! Swing is our thing, but we know a bit about theatre, too. Our two teachers, Anita Bertolami and Shiva Grings have spent the last ten years performing with theatre all over the world, and now plan to bring a little bit of imagination and fun into your swing dancing.

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Musicality taster with the Shirt Tail Stompers

Saturday 8.30pm

StuSie Bar

Sundgauallee 36, 79110 Freiburg

This really shouldn't be happening, since we are an exchange, but we couldn't resist when the Stompers told us that they would teach an hour workshop in musicality. There is a theory that it takes more than good baking skills to make a great dancer, so here you go: if you aren't too lazy for it, you can actually learn something about dancing during the Lindy Cake.

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Die Kantina

Sunday 1pm

Kantinenstr. 12, 79106 Freiburg

In the early 1900s, what has now become La Kantina, was a freight train station. Today, although much of the industry has left the area, the venue stills sits close to the locomotives as they hurtle past. With an ample outdoor area to sunbath and enjoy your brunch, inside and outside you can dance to your heart's content.

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White Rabbit

Sunday 8pm

Leopoldring 1, 79098 Freiburg

In a disused underpass in the heart of the city centre, White Rabbit offers a clandestine atmosphere to get you in the mood for our home-made cabaret. Cuddle up between the oak beams, a beer in hand, a show before you, dance with all those people you loved dancing with or bedazzle us with your own cabaret performance - it's up to you. We're just happy that you were here!

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Cake's Cabaret

Sunday during the Goodbye party

There's art and there's dancing, and then there's our tasty Cake Cabaret that mixes the two together. Placed in a dingy cellar bar, as every respectable cabaret should be, this show will be whatever you make it. We invite you to show us your thing, be it dancing, acting, singing or your own Burlesque number – the stage is yours!

Freiburg city

The location in which all the other locations reside, Freiburg is waiting for you on the foothills of the Black Forest. A lively city full of cobblestone and streams, it sits in one of the sunniest spots in Germany and offers plenty of ice cream parlours and outdoor cafés to rest your weary feet between all the dancing. Also known as one of Germany's greenest cities, you will be greeted by swarms of bicycles and public transport.

After and Post-After Parties

Monday 4pm

Auf der Breite 1, 79219 Staufen im Breisgau

On Monday evening we are invited to the Winzerhof S. Kerber, a vineyard in the foothills of the black forest, close to the village of Staufen. It's the unofficial/official after party, and it's going to be a blast!

And don't forget, Tuesday is a national holiday in Germany, so why not extend your stay to include our After Parties on Monday and Tuesday? We hope to see you there.